Student hacks teacher’s PC for exam Papers

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Three 8th graders suspected of hacking the Teacher’s PC in order to leak exam papers.

DUBAI: Three students of the eighth grade at Dubai Modern High School hacked their teacher’s personal computer to get the second term examination papers.

They were later suspended after the investigation started, the school has confirmed.

“GEMS can confirm that three Dubai Modern High School grade 8 students have admitted accessing question papers for internal school examinations which were subsequently shared with other students. The school is unaware of which students received the question papers so has decided to conduct a reassessment for students in the grade levels affected. GEMS takes the issue of cheating very seriously as it goes against the values that all GEMS students are taught in school. The three students involved have been suspended immediately pending the results of an investigation which is continuing,” a GEMS spokesperson said.

There were a total of 120 students in different batches of the grade 8, all of whom suffered after the question paper leak. Dubai Modern High School also the most expensive Indian school in the UAE charges around Dh26,000-42,000 per year, the school was also ranked the most ‘outstanding’ in the last years school inspections by the Knowledge and Human Development Authority

All of the 120 grade eight students are now to re-sit for the examination. The new dates have not yet been announced.

Unbelievable, say parents

The incident was described as ‘shocking’ by many parents and students who were interviewed by Local News. “It was a shock! I still cannot believe that children of 13 or 14 years could do such a daring act,” a parent said. A student said the issue has become the topic of discussion in the whole school. “We started our exams on November 4 and the last exam was on November 22. We didn’t know what happened but after the principal’s announcement, everyone is talking about it. I don’t know who the hackers are or who got suspended, but they must be tech-savvy to hack into the school’s IT system,” the student said. Another expatriate whose child is studying in grade eight said she was disappointed that the students have to redo the examination for no fault of theirs.

“He had studied so hard for the exam. Now we are obviously disappointed that he has to sit for the exam all over again. An announcement was made at the school that the question papers were leaked and hence a reassessment will be done. That seems to be the best available option now,” the mother of a grade eight student said.

The teaching staff at the Modern High School, on condition of anonymity, also claims they have not yet been able to assess whether the students hacked the computer from within the campus or from any other location outside. “We do not know how many students have gained access to the question papers. We cannot take their statements on face value. So the school has decided to withhold the results,” a high-school teacher said.