Sindh/Punjab: CNG strike causes massive gridlock

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ISLAMABAD: The unannounced partial strike of Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) stations in the twin cities of Punjab and Sindh entered into fourth day on Wednesday causing hardships to the citizens.

The CNG stations are observing strike against the reduction in price. A few stations, which are open, are also short of pressure and unending queues of vehicles are there to get the refill.

To add miseries of already agonized motorists, public transporters and commuters, the Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority (OGRA) has stated that: “The law is also silent in case an entrepreneur decides to shut his business.”

Majority of the CNG stations was shut while the ones which were opened witnessed unending queues of vehicles reaching out to roadsides in their front, blocking the moving traffic.

According to OGRA chairman action against the owners of CNG stations is possible only in one condition that is – if they make a formal announcement to go ahead with the strike.

Meanwhile, the Chairman of the Supreme Council of CNG Association Ghiyas Paracha claimed that gas connections of over 450 CNG stations, which were observing strike, have been severed and warning has been issued to others which were involved in partial strike.

However, according to Managing Director Sui Northern Gas Company Limited (SNGPL), the gas connections of only 87 CNG stations were unplugged for crossing the gas-use limit. The CNG consumers have demanded the government to take stern action against the CNG stations involved in illegal strike.

Source: PPI