PM inaugurates Civic center, Optic fiber project in Balochistan

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GWADAR, Nov 9 : Prime Minister Raja Pervez Ashraf on Friday approved a project with an estimated cost of Rs 4.5 Billion for provision of Water Supply to the people of Gwadar.
This was announced in response to a pressing demand by Chief Minister Balochistan Nawab Aslam Raisani and the Members of his Cabinet.
Speaking to a special meeting of the Balochistan Cabinet here, the Prime Minister said that the federal government will bear 50 percent of the cost while the balance will be borne by the Government of Balochistan.
The Prime Minister also announced to make Jiwani a Model Town and directed the provincial government to present a proposal for the project.
He announced that the federal government also released funds for the construction of Gwadar-Ratodaro Road to improve connectivity.
The Cabinet meeting held with the Provincial Cabinet Members led by Chief Minister Balochistan Nawab Aslam Raisani sitting traditionally on the floor.
The Prime Minister was presented a Balochi Chaddar before the commencement of Cabinet meeting, which started with the recitation from the Holy Quran.
The Prime Minister said that the root cause of most of the problems lies in our failure in establishing democratic order in Pakistan in general and Balochistan in particular.
He said that the developed countries were able to progress because of democracy and continuity in their policies.
Pervez said that the Balochistan Cabinet is an example that the people of different parties and views have synergized their energies and managed to complete the term of their government. This, he said, was no mean achievement.  “You can use your strengths and pool up your resources for the overall benefit of the people of Balochistan,” he added.
Alluding to the National Finance Commission Award, he termed it as a step in right direction which brought in betterment for the people of Balochistan and other provinces.
He said it was unheard that any person could have divested himself of powers vested in him. President Asif Ali Zardari voluntarily surrendered his powers to the Parliament by consenting to amend the Constitution whereby his powers were transferred to the Parliament.
Prime Minister Raja Pervez Ashraf said that the PPP took over the government in 2008 in very challenging circumstances when the financial position of the country was on the verge of bankruptcy.
The PPP-led coalition government, under the leadership of President Asif Ali Zardari, has been pursuing the policy of reconciliation and has now achieved the historic landmark of being the first elected government in Pakistan which has completed its tenure.
He congratulated the Balochistan government for having completed its tenure. “We have together laid down a fundamental on which we can erect a building.”
The Prime Minister said that Aghaz-e-Hoqooq-e-Balochistan was a step to start working towards the development and progress of the people of Balochistan.
He said that we need to dispel the mis-perception about the law & order situation in Balochistan. The perception has been created by exaggerating accounts and events in Balochistan.
The Prime Minister said that when he assumed the office he consulted a variety of people, including the Government of Balochistan and the people who have knowledge of Balochistan to find a viable solution for the law & order situation in Balochistan.
He said that as a first step, he decided to post competent officers of repute to improve the law & order situation in the province. In this connection, he formulated a transfer and posting policy so that the competent officers are posted in Balochistan. Despite tremendous pressure, he did not waver from the policy nor did he accept any pressure regarding transfers.
As a result, the situation has started slowly improving. Earlier, he said, officers in Balochistan were sent as a punishment. Such officers were unwilling and not fully motivated. If one is sincere and committed to hold merit then results are always in the public interest. He expressed the hope that the situation in Balochistan will show improvement due to the collective efforts made by the Government of Pakistan and Balochistan.
The Chief Minister Balochistan thanked the Prime Minister for addressing the Cabinet and taking the Provincial Government into confidence. He also thanked the Prime Minister for approving projects which will go a long way in improving the standards of living of the people of Balochistan. (APP)