Pak test fires Hatf 5 (Ghauri) missile successfully

-File photo

Pakistan on Wednesday successfully conducted the training launch of Medium Range Ballistic Missile Hatf V (Ghauri), ISPR said.

The launch was conducted by a Strategic Missile Group of the Army Strategic Force Command on the culmination of a field training exercise that was aimed at testing the operational readiness of the Army Strategic Force Command.

Ghauri ballistic missile is a liquid fuel missile which can carry both conventional and nuclear warheads over a distance of 1300 kms.

The test monitoring of the launch was conducted at the National Command Centre through the medium of National Command Authority’s fully automated Strategic Command and Control Support System (SCCSS).

The test consolidates and strengthens Pakistan’s deterrence capability, and national security.

The President and Prime Minister congratulated all ranks of the Army Strategic Force Command on the excellent standard achieved during training which was reflected in the proficient handling of the weapon system in the field and the accuracy of the training launch. (PR)