Musharraf meets Shaykh Nazim-al-Haqqani seeking prayers and advice over political affairs

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Former President Pervaiz Musharraf along with his wife Sehba Musharraf paid a visit to Shaykh Nazim-al-Haqqani, a spiritual leader of the Naqshbandi-Haqqani order, and sought prayers and advice with respect to his political affairs. The former president was given humongous blessings along with other tips by the Sufi Master.

Shaykh Nazim termed Musharraf to be an instrumental figure from within the subcontinent and told him that he would be leading the sub-continent’s army which would be following Hazrat Imam Mehdi (A.S) against the jews and the non-believers.

Shaykh Nazim predicted that the time had come near and that the presence of Hazrat Imam Mehdi (A.S) would be witnessed any time soon. Shaykh Nizam, in his meeting with Musharraf, informed that the upcoming 10th of Moharram would really be an important day. “The 10th of Moharram (1434) would be a big day and something is going to happen on that day,” predicted the Shaykh.

Shaykh also advised Musharraf to stay away from the political arena and instructed him not to take any position or undertake any activity. “If you can lead alone and take powers without any partners, then go ahead but if you have to be allies with someone, be careful,” admonished the Shaykh.

Shaykh further guided Musharraf to help the poor in order to gain their prayers. “Open your wings to the poor and the weak people only and do not be afraid of anyone except Allah and his prophet, the time is approaching fast,” remarked Shaykh Nazim.

Finally the Shaykh blessed Musharraf and Sehba with his “Taweez” and prayed for his prosperity.

Shaykh Nazim is considered to be a great Sufi Master and is a renowned religious leader. He is notably known for his predictions about the collapse of many regimes in the Muslim world. Hundreds of people (from varying faith traditions) visit Shaykh Nazim each month at his home and ‘dargah’ in Lefke, Cyprus where followers from every country come to share in the blessings of this living Sufi Master.