Man rapes, beats and locks young woman in shipping container

-File photo

A man today faces an attempted murder charge after a young woman was allegedly raped and tortured before being left bound and gagged in a shipping container.

The woman, believed to be in her 20s, was rushed to hospital on the Queensland Gold Coast, where she was described as being in a serious condition.

Police raced to a house in the small town of Tallai after neighbours reported hearing a woman screaming and crying for help.

The officers were met by a 29-year-old man who allegedly told them he was alone at the address.

But police decided to carry out a thorough search and headed towards a locked shipping container on the property.

The man was ordered to open it and it was then that the distraught woman was found.

She was allegedly bound and gagged. Police were due to tell a court later that she had also been raped.

Detectives told the Gold Coast Bulletin newspaper that the woman had been subjected to ‘a very serious assault’.

The man was said to have turned violent against the police, struggling with officers and kicking out one of the windows of a police vehicle on the way to a cell.

He was later charged with torture, deprivation of liberty, attempted murder, rape and wilful damage to a police vehicle.

His solicitor Andrew Moloney did not seek bail and said his client would undergo a mental health assessment.