Hamid Mir survives bomb scare as explosives were found planted in his car

-File photo

ISLAMABAD: Hamid Mir, a renowned Pakistani journalist was caught amongst bombs when explosives were recovered planted underneath his car on Monday, reported a private news channel.

The senior anchorperson of one of a private Pakistani channel remained safe as the explosives were detected by his neighbor’s driver in a suspicious package planted beneath his car. Upon receiving the information, the bomb disposal squad arrived at the point and defused the bomb.

According to the anchorperson, he returned home after visiting a photo copying shop when his neighbor’s driver detected the bomb being planted under his vehicle. The bomb sqaud was quick enough to reach the spot and dismantle the bomb within half hour, stated Hamid Mir.

According to IG Islamabad, the bomb weighed around half kilogram and was fitted in a tin box attached to the journalists’s car.

Violent and deadly attacks have continued to haunt the journalism arena with several journalists falling prey to such cowardly attacks. Wali Khan Babbar was one renowned journalist who was killed within Karachi and the killing spree further continued with all of the five eye-witnesses in his case later slain to death.

Pakistan continues to be a dangerous place for journalists with several members of the news committee killed each going year. Earlier in March 2012, UNESCO ranked Pakistan as the second most dangerous country for journalists.

Pakistan’s Interior Minister Rehman Malik later met the journalist and condemned the act by stating it as a cowardly action. He further ordered strict security for Hamid Mir.