Four Mohajir Qaumi Movement members shot dead in Karachi

-File photo

KARACHI: Four men were shot dead in an incident within Karachi when unknown men riding on a motorcycle sprayed bullets on a taxi within the Landi area on Thursday.

According to reports, anonymous men riding on a motor bike haphazardly fired at a taxi within the Sharafi Goth area of Landhi. The firing immediately claimed the lives of three individuals while one of the riding passenger within the taxi was severely injured within the incident. The injured man later succumbed to death.

According to Police officials, the men were identified as activists belonging to the Mohajir Qaumi Movement.

Police sources further added that the incident may have been as a result of personal enmity and that it was a planned attack.

Mohajir Qaumi Movement also known as MQM-Haqiqi is led by Afaq Ahmed who was set free last year after the Sindh High Court did not find him guilty.