‘FBR should lessen burden of genuine taxpayers’

President of Multan Chamber of Commerce and Industry (MCCI) Muhammad Khan Saddozai has said that Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) should not delay in expanding its tax-net to affluent non-filers of tax and other tax evaders, providing them an opportunity to pay their due taxes and bring them under the tax net regime and enhance revenues for the prosperity of the country.

“In a press statement he said that FBR should lessen the burden of taxes on the genuine tax-payers to provide them relief. He said that FBR should launch a new scheme for the 4 million tax-evaders, non-tax payers and black money holders to bring them under the tax net regime and to enhance the revenue. He said that it is a good augury that FBR is considering to launch a new scheme called “Tax registration inputs with enforcement initiative” in order to bring about 4 million affluent people who were not filing their tax returns and did not pay tax to the government”.

“This is not an amnesty scheme for the non tax payers only FBR is giving them an opportunity to come under the tax net by filing their returns and pay their due taxes to the government for the prosperity of the country”. He said that “we endorse this suggestion that any non-filer and evader of the tax, who did not take benefit from the opportunity and continue to evade taxes, their Computerized National Identity Card (CNIC) would be cancelled and they would not be able to do any business or travel abroad. However this new scheme required the approval of the parliament.

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