Despite losses Chairman PIA says, 2013 will bring change

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KARACHI: Despite loss of 142 billions, PIA Chairman and Secretary of Defence Lieutenant General Asif Yasin Malik (Retd) said that the year of 2013 will be a year of transition and change.

Although on the same day, The National Assembly’s Standing Committee on Finance was informed that Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) losses had increased to Rs 142 billion and gap between revenue and expenditure continued to widen.

While addressing the airline employees at Lahore, Chairman PIA said that by March 2013 PIA will start replacing some of its fleet and revamp the present planes. We are evaluating the existing routes and will open new destinations while expanding our network he said.

The chairman said that since October 2012, we are now in the operating profit. PIA is also planning to buy planes for cargo as for PIA investments the hotels in Paris and New York have also started to earn profits.

You as a team we will definitely grow and control our losses, but we have to improve in every area and need to rectify our mistakes. There will be no compromise on merit and discipline meanwhile corruption and leakages will have to be severely dealt with, he emphasised.

The chairman said that he and his management were reviewing the pension system, medical system, and planning a complete revamp of the IT system. The salary structure will also be reviewed specially group 1 to 4. Regarding daily wages there will definitely be a raise in their salary, he said.

He highly praised the pilots of the airline, and said that they were one of the best in the world and also appreciated the cabin crew, saying that they take the maximum crunch of the passenger.