CNG to be filled only after inspection of cylinders: President Sindh zone

KARACHI: Despite reopening the CNG stations after three days, the provincial president of CNG dealers association set a condition for the commuters saying that the fuel will only be provided after inspection of Cylinders, reported Aaj news, Monday.

Those who possess the verification certificate of five years testing will be allowed to get their tanks filled, he added.

On the otherside, Talking to Aaj news Chairman All Pakistan Petroleum Dealers Association, Abdul Sami Khan said that CNG stations across the country has been reopened after a mutual consensus.

CNG owners across the country went on strike against the new prices of the compressed natural gas while motorists and commuters’ transport have to face difficulties in getting the utility.

According to our correspondent, most of the CNG stations had stopped operations after the implementation of the new prices of the commodity fixed in the light of the decision of Supreme Court.

Although the APCNG Association has accepted the decision of the Supreme Court and has announced the implementation of the new prices in letter and spirit but CNG stations in many parts of the country have revolted and the majority of stations have stopped operations.

An unannounced strike began in most of the areas, creating immense difficulties for motorists, especially owners of CNG vehicles. Minor clashes were also witnessed at several CNG pumps where people roughed up filling station staff. Long queues of vehicles were witnessed at various pumps as filling stations in the city had shut their dispensers to express resentment over the SC decision.

“Whenever CNG rates are increased, pumps owners within seconds revise rates but adopt a different strategy and become deaf when the prices are reduced,” motorists said.

They said CNG pumps have stopped selling the commodity forcing consumers to buy gasoline at much higher rate. They said the station owners seemed to be strong enough than the law enforcers that”s why they apply such tactics with no fear of apprehension.

The CNG stations are of the view that at the new price of Rs 61 per kilogram, they are not even in a position to meet their operational costs and will never sell it at the new price.

When asked chairman All Pakistan CNG Association Ghayas Paracha said that the association has not given any strike call. However, he said that some owners, who could not afford the running of their stations at the new price, have closed their facilities.

He said that the new price is unaffordable for CNG stations and they could not even generate resources for their operational costs. He said that any CNG owner, who could calculate his profit and loss, would close down his station.