CNG owners declare indefinite strike

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SINDH/PUNJAB: Owners of Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) filling stations have declared an infinite strike across the country on Monday, reported Aaj news.

Chairman All Pakistan CNG Association(APCNG) Ghayas Paracha said that, Association can not force the owners to open CNG stations as the Supreme court has not placed any restriction on closing down CNG stations.

Consumers have been facing inconvenience on one pretext or the other, given by the CNG station owners, ever since the Supreme Court of Pakistan ordered the per kilo price of CNG to be reduced on Oct 25.

All Pakistan CNG Association demanded of authorities concerned to announce uniform gas price for all CNG stations of the country.

They said, CNG owners were facing humongous losses at the expense of SC’s decision to decrease the prices by 30 rupees.

The conflict between the OGRA and APCNG Association have bewildered the public who turned away from filling stations after finding them closed.

Station owners have demanded OGRA to issue a price list urgently, else they will not provide CNG at the loss of Rs.15-17.

APCNG also demanded that CNG sector should be charged for gas same as other sectors are being charged, auditors have shown average sale of the CNG filling stations as 74,000 kg which is not more than 51,600 kg.