Cellphone services may be terminated from 8 to 10 Muharram

KARACHI: Interior Minister Rehman Malik has shown an intent to terminate cellular services with the aim of reducing the increasing violent activities within the city of Karachi. “A new strategy is being planned which may likely result in the suspension of cellphone services starting from tonight,” Malik said while talking to media officials outside the army GHQ in Rawalpindi.

Malik further hinted towards a rise within violent activities stating that intelligence reports have pointed out towards further dreadful incidents throughout the country within the month of Muharram.

Sindh government earlier announced a 3 day public holiday schedule starting from 8th Moharram in order to curb the upsurging violent activities within the province especially Karachi.

The government, in order to further amplify the security measures have sought the help of armed forces in order to reduce the sectarian bombings targeted at various Shia rallies. ISPR in response to Sindh government’s request have responded in an affirmative.