Arms license to be issued under new policy in Sindh

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KARACHI: The Home Department issued a new policy with respect to the issuance of arms license following Supreme Court’s order under which new arms licenses would be issued to individual aged 25 and above. This news was notified by the Home department within the Supreme Court Karachi Registry during the hearing of the Karachi unrest case on Monday.

The case was heard by a five member bench including Justice Athar Saeed, Justice Sarmad Jalal Usmani, Jutice Tariq Khilji, Justice Ameer Muslim Hani and Justice Anwar Zaheer Jamali.

According to the new arms license policy, licenses belonging to the non-prohibited bore weapons would only be issued by the Home Department Sindh and other normal licenses would be issued by Deputy Commissioners under their respective quota after meeting the set age limit i.e. 25 years and above.

The license would be issued after receiving police confirmation report and if the license holder is found to be involved in any crime following the issue of the license, the license would be cancelled.