4.5 intensity earthquake hits Quetta

-File photo

An earthquake of 4.5 intensity hit Quetta and parts of northern Balochistan on Monday night.

When contacted, officials at the Met Office said “Ahmdoon area of Ziarat district lying some 60 km off the provincial capital was center of the earthquake.”

According to reports, earthquake has also hit Harnai, Ziarat, Qila Abdulla, Muslim Bagh, Khanozai, Kuchlak, Saranan, Pishin and other areas of the province. It may be mentioned that a powerful earthquake had killed a number of people and badly damaged some villages in Ziarat district in 2008.

When contacted renowned Geological Scientist and the Chairman of Balochistan Geo Scientists Association told that Quetta is still on fault line while in past in 1935, a powerful earthquake had killed about 60,000 people here.

He urged the government to take steps to stop construction of multi-storey commercial plazas and buildings in narrow streets of the metropolis.

Prof- Dr. Deen Muhammad Kakar, the head of Geology Department of University of Balochistan said that seismic equipments installed in the provincial capital and other parts of the province had given report that Quetta and adjoining areas might face powerful earthquake. He said that in case a powerful earthquake hit the metropolis and high-rise buildings collapse in narrow streets; fire would erupt and cause great loss of life and property.