Wake up Pakistan…

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“GOD helps those who help themselves”

Recently i read a report according to which, poverty has brought Pakistan face to face with a reality that it will find hard to accept: every third Pakistani is caught in the ‘poor’ bracket i.e. some 58.7 million out of a total population of 180 million subsist below the poverty line.

This includes more than half the population in the forever remote Balochistan, 33 per cent in Sindh, 32 per cent in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and 19 per cent in Punjab.

The growth of our economy has fallen from 6.5% five years ago, to 3% now.

The fiscal deficit is yawning at 7.5% of GDP today compared to 4.5% five years ago.

Power breakdowns have made the lives of tens of millions wretched and miserable while rendering millions of others jobless.

With these litany of self-induced failures one should not dream that one day this Pakistan will be a developed nation until and unless we don’t start speaking up for our own good.

I can foresee a horrible fate of a common Pakistani, a poor and suppressed citizen, if we keep on adjusting with the bitter facts of our society. Here I want to ask why don’t we raise our voice against inflation? Why is this so-called democratic government being allowed to do whatever they want?

Is there anybody, any authority to question them?

If yes, then what are they waiting for?

Why is it that every week we have to go through the CNG shut down and petroleum price hikes. Weekly price hikes in basic necessities of our lives? Is the government testing our tolerance level? Every day we bear the pathetic political mumbo-jumbo about  flourishing DEMOCRACY in Pakistan. Why don’t we just cut it off if it’s not working in Pakistan??

Being common people, have we ever taken a glance at the condition of our country or do we just think about ‘ourself’ and only ourselves?

Why don’t we stop ignoring bad things, injustice and hazards around us.

Remember, if  we persist this attitude, one day we will be enforced to do what others have adjudicated for us. Eradicate this sense of slavery from within yourself!!!

We all better know that, as Pakistan grows increasingly dark, we must stop and make tough decisions for the sake of our homeland. Do we want to see Jinnah’s Pakistan replaced with another era of East India company? Will we be brave enough to speak out?

I really wish that we get the education that opens our mind and liberates our spirit. Something which gives us a REASON.

If you are a Muslim, and you think that your one word can make a difference then speak out. Do it for the idea that all people are created equal by a just, merciful Almighty Allah. We still have an opportunity to live a better life. Do it for the simple reason that inaction means Pakistan is lost.

No ‘messiah’ will come to save us please speak up for yourself.

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