Vladimir Putin’s visit to Pakistan postponed

Russian President Vladimir Putin’s visit to Pakistan has been postponed. Putin was scheduled to visit Pakistan early in the first week of October. The main agenda of the visit was to improve stiff relations between the country and the visit was highly considered to give a boost bilateral relations between the two countries.

According to Foreign Office officials, a letter has been written by the Russian President addressing Asif Zardari. The letter states that Russia is strongly insterested in enhancing trade adn economic ties with Pakistan and that both leaders would meet in short time to discuss the issue.

According to the Foreign Office, the Summit (Pakistan, Russia, Tajikistan & Afghanistan) planned in Islamabad from 2-3 Oct is being rescheduled and now new dates have yet been announced.

There are speculations that the visit may have been delayed because of Pakistan’s refusal to give IP gas pipeline project to the Russian energy giant Gazprom without them bidding for it; although no conclusive reasoning has yet been provided for delaying the visit.