Taliban wanted to capture ANP offices in Karachi: Malik

ISLAMABAD: Interior Minister Rehman Malik on Friday informed the Senate that Taliban wanted to capture Awami National Party offices in Karachi and he had informed the ANP leadership two months back.

“But, our prompt action foiled their bid. We shall continue apprehending Taliban and other militant groups to the end. They are being funded from abroad to carry out sabotage activities within the country,”

Malik said in response to a Point of Order by Hafiz Hamdullah. “Now, we are also going to start Community Policing in Karachi also engaging the political leaders.” He said different Taliban faction have shun differences and have united against Pakistan.

Now they are also funded in Pakistan currency rather than the US dollars. “But, I caution all the enemies and hostile agencies to stop sponsoring and funding Taliban.

Otherwise, I shall hold press conferences in the capitals of those countries with all the proofs against them.”

He informed the House that target killers in Balochistan and Gilgit-Baltistan incidents have links with Lashkar-e-Jhangvi. Taliban commanders hire the Lashkar people for their ulterior motives who execute the plans on payment.

He said two militants of former Harkatul Ansaar – Frooq and Najatullah – have now formed their own gangs and are involved in Gilgit and Laloosar Top killings, respectively. Interior Minister said Malik Ishaq of Lashkar-e-Jhangvi had become caught free for the last four years.

We provided leads to Punjab government about his presence and wrote to Chief Secretary that initially the law and order is provincial affairs and if theprovincial government will fail to arrest him, we shall nab him through FIA. Malik said Wali-ur-Rehman and Hakeemullah Mehsud who were once the enemies, have now reconciled and pitched against Pakistan.

These people are also involved in Kamra incident.”But, I want to make it clear that their days are numbered. Nation stands united against terrorism and we shall take every action to root them out.” The minister said he had warned about attacks on Peshawar few days back and the one incident thwarted in which the suicide bomber died and arms cache was recovered, was one of the series.

He mentioned to reveal more facts about Afghanistan’s involvement in militant activities inside Pakistan while winding up debate on law and order situation during next session. Interior Minister dispelled the impression that the government was subservient to United States.

“Show me one statement in favor of United States. Even today I categorically state that drone attacks should be stopped. It is counter productive and affecting us.” He said the government took firm stand to block the NATO supply line and President Zardari bravely projected nation’s sentiments at Chicago.

“Pakistan’s interests are supreme for us and there should be no doubt about it. It is time to stand united to send a strong message to our enemies.” Hafiz Hamdullah had questioned how Taliban reach Karachi after travelling all the way from northern areas why they were not apprehended midway.