Putin likely to be the first ever Russian President to visit Pakistan

Russian President Vladimir Putin is all set to visit Pakistan in the first week of October. The visit has created humongous hype since it would mark the first ever sojourn of a Russian President within Pakistan.

Despite the proximity on the geographical map, both the countries have not taken a powerful step to improve relationship with each other. This may be attributed to the fact that Pakistan was a strong ally of America during its Cold War with the Soviet Union. But now the government of Asif Ali Zardari has taken an initiative to improve the ties between the two countries since the demarcation of the Soviet Union.

President Putin is expected to reach Islamabad by 2nd October and the purpose of the visit is considered to give a new direction to Pak-Russia relationship. Both the countries are reportedly engaged in preparing for the tour.

Pakistan is seeking to improve its energy sector through enhanced relationship with Russia. Both the countries are expected to improve their ties with the upcoming bilateral negotiations.

President Putin would not only meet the Pakistani delegation but he would also attend the 4 nation summit comprising of Pakistan, Afghanistan, Tajkistan and Russia.