PIA fined Rs1.4 crore for stranding passengers on Washington airport

According to foreign news agency, Pakistan International Airline (PIA) has been fined by the US Department of Transport for stranding their passengers.

Never before in aviation history, such a fine has been imposed on any International Airline.

The U.S Department of Transportation has issued a $150,000 (approx Rs 1.4 Crore) fine against Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) for leaving its passengers stranded inside the plane for more than four hours in Washington.

According to the US federal laws, it is prohibited for any international airline to keep its passengers inside the plane on a grounded flight for more than four hours without allowing the passengers to return to the terminal.

Any International Airline that violates this law can be fined up to $27,500 (approx Rs2.65 million) per passenger.

The fine was imposed this Wednesday, where the US Department of Transport said that  a PIA flight was diverted to Washington Dulles Airport on Oct 29, 2011, because of some technical equipment problems at its original destination, in New York.

The flight remained on ground for four hours and 47 minutes because PIA crew didn’t want to offload passengers via outdoor staircase in a stormy weather.

US federal agency has fined a number of domestic airline for violating this law but this was the first time in aviation history, that such a fine has been imposed on any international airline.