PCB to skip ICC awards in protest for Ajmal’s omission

As a protest for excluding the world’s best spinner Saeed Ajmal, from the ICC awards list of Cricketer of the Year award. The PCB  has decided to skip the ICC Awards ceremony which will be held in Colombo this Saturday.

According to the press release, PCB has decided not to send any of its senior board officials to the award ceremony. However, as a token of appreciation, some of the squad members will be attending the event and representing Pakistan.

The decision was made when a meeting of senior board members was held at the PCB headquarters, where Chairman PCB, Zaka Ashraf decided that the issue will be raised at the upcoming ICC Chief Executives Committee meeting.  PCB believes that short-listing system faces many errors and that corrective measures should be taken in order to make it a fair selection opportunity for anyone and everyone. “PCB feels that the ICC’s process of short-listing needs to be reviewed and there should be a mechanism to correct errors,” said PCB in a press release.