Pak, India sign new visa accord

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan and India have approved and signed the new visa accord today on Saturday. According to the visa documents, traders and businessmen would be issued visa for 10 different cities while actors and other artists would be issued ‘triple entry’ visas.

The accord has also relaxed the visa terms for old-age citizens of both the countries. Individuals aged over 65 years would be entitled to receive 45 days visa on arriving at the Wagah or the Attari border.

The relaxation in the visa terms was agreed upon yesterday and it was strongly expected that the accord would be signed today. Earlier, India and Pakistan had agreed to relax the visa terms by issuing visas for the citizens of both the countries under 8 different categories. This step has been applauded by political pundits and other media figures stating that such an effort would improve ties between the two countries.