MQM threatens to quit coalition with PPP

KARACHI: Mutahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) threatened to quit the government and part ways with the ruling Pakistan Peoples Party late on Monday. MQM has given PPP an ultimatum of three days during which they want their concerns to be resolved by the ruling party. MQM’s major concern are deemed to be the issues with respect to the new Local Government ordinance.

A joint MQM meeting was held both within London and Pakistan late on Monday. During the meeting, the senior party members of MQM put forward their grievances stating that they had provided outright support to PPP and President Zardari and yet their concerns and other demands were not met by the ruling party.

The meeting saw MQM threatening PPP to quit the government if their ‘legal demands’ were not met within the next three days.

The meeting in Pakistan was headed by Farooq Sattar who stated that his party’s support and sincerity were considered their weakness though MQM had always put their effort towards the survival of democracy.

The meeting concluded with the senior representatives appealing the party workers to wait for further instructions from MQM leader Mr. Altaf Hussain.