Missing Persons: UN team arrives in Quetta on 10-day mission

The United Nations’ delegation assigned to investigate the case of missing persons of Balochistan, has arrived in Quetta today, on Saturday, Aaj News reported.

The four member delegation set foot in Quetta, accompanied by members from the High Commissioner’s office for Human Rights.

Their mission here in Pakistan is to interact with the relatives of missing people along with Balochistan’s various political, social and civil society leaders and representatives to gather information about the missing people, in order to pin point the reason behind so many enforced kidnappings in Balochistan.

Invitation to the UN delegation to visit Pakistan on a fact finding mission, has raised questions against the Government as the Supreme Court is currently investigating these cases by questioning the Army and FC regarding high number of enforced kidnappings in the province.

Earlier, the UN delegation showed interest in meeting Chief Justice Iftikhar Chaudhry, but had to face refusal fromthe CJ as he thought that it would not be suitable to discuss a case which is currently under prosecution in court.

According to a global Human Rights estimate, thousands of ordinary civilians and activists were detained, allegedly by intelligence agencies and security agencies in the past. Many of them still kept in secret prisons, never to be heard of again.