LG ordinance: ANP boycotts NA, Senate sessions

ISLAMABAD: The Awami National Party (ANP) decided to boycott the National Assembly (NA) and Senate sessions on Friday; showing dissent over the new Local Government (LG) ordinance.

ANP has shown discontent over not being informed with respect to the formation of the ordinance.

Talking to reporters outside the Parliament, Bushra Gohar stated that her party was an ally of the PPP and that it was not taken into confidence over the law. “The ordinance has been issued only to please one political party, we do not accept such decisions which were taken overnight” she stated.

“We (ANP) will continue to boycott both the Houses and any future strategy would be announced later,” she further added.

Senator Shahi Syed while terming the law as a ‘Black law’ stated that there was no war between MQM and ANP and the law was a problem concerning the people of Sindh.

“What is the use of issuing such a law when local elections would not be conducted?” questioned the ANP Senator.

The new LG law was signed early on Friday after prolong deliberation between PPP and the MQM.