Contempt case: Rehman Malik seeks respite

ISLAMABAD: Interior Minister Rehman Malik has sought respite with respect to submitting his answer in the ‘Steel Mills’ contempt of court case. Malik’s counsel requested the court to grant the Interior Minister additional time to submit his answer with respect to the case.

Justice Nasir-ul-Mulk stated that the Interior Minister had twice been granted relaxation earlier, he further added that Mr. Malik should decide as to what he wants to do with respect to submitting the answer.

The proceedings of the  ‘Steel Mill’ contempt of court case against the Interior Minister is being governed by Supreme Court’s two-member bench comprising of Justice Nasir-ul-Mulk and Justice Aijaz Chaudhry.

Rehman Malik was issued the contempt of court notice in context with the Court’s decision of the Steel Mill case.

Malik’s counsel Azhar Chaudhry notified the Court that the Interior Minister had twice submitted an answer within the Court with respect to the Steel Mill case, following which the Court forwarded its remarks by stating that a new notice was issued to the Interior Minister in accordance with Paragraph 55 of the decision.