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I was having a conversation with a gentleman who did not support a third party like Imran Khan, and considered it a new fitna for our country. I wanted to know the reason for his opinion, so I started asking him questions for what made him think that way. Since he was a mature man, he did not want to explain it openly, because it was something dealing with Imran Khan’s personal life and his wife he explained , he said that if Imran Khan could not handle his wife, how would he handle the whole country? This person who some might think of a religious man who had a long beard was trying to relate his opinion concerning Imran Khan with Islam according to his knowledge of religion. After listening to his opinion, I asked him a very simple question that if Hazrat Loot (AS) could not bring his wife to the faith and if Hazrat Nooh (AS)’s son was a disbeliever but Allah (SWT) never held them accountable for their relations, how can we blame a common man like Imran Khan? It is only Allah (SWT) who can bring people to the right path.

Molana replied; be God fearing, how can you compare Imran Khan with the Prophets? I was quite baffled from Molana’s answer and started wondering that how is it that I compared Imran Khan with the Prophets? I was just simply giving an example from Islamic history to justify my point. All Prophets were sent to spread the message of truth, and we learn from every action of their lives, so why would anyone even think of comparing?

For answers we have to look into our history, For example; Once I was passing by an area in Lahore called Shahkamal and I saw a drunk man standing in the middle of the busy market who was abusing the shopkeepers with another guy besides him staring at the rest as if he was asking them to stay away and dare not say anything back, the guy may have been a goon and it certainly looked like a scene from a Bollywood movie as every shopkeeper was afraid and was just trying to ignore him, I was in my teens and for me it was just like a scene from a movie but later it got me thinking and I started realizing that this society that we live in has reached a level where Allah is about to send his punishment, Because Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) said that when evil is not called evil then wait for Allah’s punishment. In a Muslim society an alcoholic should hide himself in his own house so an umati of Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) could not see him doing this sin but when you are not afraid of Allah then you are afraid of people. And now I believe Pakistan is under punishment of Allah (SWT) because the filthiest people of the society are ruling the country; the Islamic preachers don’t even know the abc of Islam; Muslims are more afraid of humans then Allah (SWT); liars are considered smart; haram is easier to earn then Halal; the corrupt are more respected. In this society Islam is being preached for personal benefits and religion has become something very complicated for a common man, which results into the radicalization of a society.

Pakistani society has reached a peak of its evilness and every peak has to fall. Pakistan’s time will change now and the youth of Pakistan shall change it, because four to five years prior to where people like me never thought that we would be interested in politics are more involved than ever and as far as Imran Khan is concerned, there is a saying that you should respect people who have been given respect by Allah (swt). From our current available options, I simply doubt the intelligence of a human if he or she does not support PTI.