17 suicides a day in Indian state of Gujarat: Report

A suicide attempt every hour is the stark reality of Indian Gujarat that has been highlighted in the latest data released by National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB) for crime figures in 2011.

NCRB records reveal that suicides in the state rose to 6,382 from 6,207 in 2010, The Times of India reported.

The data puts the suicide status of Gujarat in sharp focus, even as the state gears up to observe World Suicide Prevention Day on September 11.

The report, ‘Accidental Deaths and Suicides in India (ADSI), 2011′, also highlighted that suicide is age and gender specific.

For men, issues such as disrepute in society, failure in exams and unemployment were reasons for suicide, for women, spouses’ illicit relationships, cancellation of marriage or possibility of divorce were the reasons to end their lives. Of all victims, 65% hadn’t studied beyond class VII and nearly 40% were younger than 30 years.

Dr Hansal Bhachech, a city-based psychiatrist, said that a number of factors add to the constant boil people are subjected to nowadays.

“Right from financial issues to surviving in the urban jungle, it is a struggle for both men and women. Due to the crumbling family system, we have lost the vent in the pressure cooker which prevented people from taking the final plunge.

The need of the hour is to detect depression and anxiety at an early stage and encourage potential victims to talk the issue out,” he said.

According to NCRB data, poverty drove 101 persons to suicide, while unemployment prompted 187 victims to end their lives. Almost a sixth of the cases were reported where close relatives of the victims could not identify a specific reason. (agencies)