Kamra Airbase Attack – Another Security Lapse?

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At least nine people have been dead in heavy clashes following the pre-dawn attack on Pakistan Air force base on Thursday by militants dressed in uniforms, armed with guns and rocket launchers. It left one security official dead while a plane was also damaged as the miscreants stormed at PAF Base Minhas.
The gallant personnel of Pakistan Air Force and fearless SSG Commandoes of Pak Army completed the operation against the militants at Kamra air base wiping out every possibility of the militant’s presence in the base where Mirage and JF-17 fighter jets are assembled and manufactured and home to the Pakistan Aeronautical Complex.
No one has claimed the responsibility as yet but it is much expected that eventually Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan will raise the hand to claim the violent act. I also dont get the process of claiming an attack, is one phone call enough to run it on National Television?

Despite the fact that the attack on Kamra base is a matter of serious concern and security lapse but still our incompetent Federal Minister for Defence Syed Naveed Qamar rules out it being a security breach and failure of intelligence agencies and the security heads.
It is an irony that the militants entered the base carrying heavy weapons including RPGs, rocket propelled-grenades and wearing suicide vests.
The point that amazes or shocks us is that still no resignation has been given after a severe security stumble which talks about the arrogant history of our current security heads, filled with sheer failures.

The question arises have our armed forces stopped producing courageous and gutsy officers like Brigadier Ali Khan? the likes of which being put behind the bars, unfortunately. The sincere officers in the Pakistan Armed Forces must spoke the word of truth and account the operational and security heads in the ranks in order to maintain the daring discipline of the Armed Forces. If the accountability process in the armed forces puts to rest then incidents like GHQ attack, Angoor Adda Attack, PNS Mehran Base assault, Abbottabad raid, Salala attack and countless more could never bring to an end and the only respected institution of country would be on the verge of debacle.

The possible North Waziristan Operation must also be put in consideration as the attack comes amid speculation that Pakistan could launch an operation against the Haqqani network over consistent demand and commands by Washington.The North Waziristan operation will weaken the armed forces of Pakistan and will surely fuel the on going American war and terrorism in the country. We have already reaped enough economic, financial, military, law and order crisis in the country and do not have the tendency to bear further loss.
Army Chief General Ashfaq Parvez Kayani must halt the relations with his American counterparts and get out of the alliance of foreign forces, shaking hands with the victimized brothers in faith in Waziristan and Muslim brothers of other effected Northern regions. If he cannot do even such then he should neutralize the Pakistani stance over the war on terror and seperate itself. Even if this is also not possible, then he must leave his post for someone who might handle it better?