Shahid Masood responds to “MediaGate” scandal

-File photo

Renowned TV anchor, Dr Shahid Masood on Thursday,  responded to the inclusion of his name within the list of 19 journalists alleged of being bribed by the Bahria Town owner, Malik Riaz.

According to the list,  Dr. Shahid Masood, was financed for 7 trips to Dubai along with other monetary incentive. The anchor has responded to this accusation by tweeting on his personal account on the social networking website “Twitter”. He has tweeted that he is living in Dubai for the last ten years further asking Malik Riaz to blame him (Shahid Masood) in a better way in the future.

Dr. Masood has also pointed out in his tweet that a media guy was involved in bringing up the list and that particular media guy was on the payroll of Malik Riaz.

Dr. Masood also opined that PTI was not involved in bringing up the list and that a close aide (having strong media affiliation) of Malik Riaz was the main actor in the entire scenario.