Print Your Own Perfect Shoes

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Have the perfect dress for the night out but no good heels to go with? Don’t worry. A new technology that promises to revolutionize wardrobes in the future is in the works and will allow you to quickly and cheaply ‘print’ your own perfect shoes at home.

According to trend forecaster Jane Monnington Boddy, a director for market analyst Stylesight, within the next decade or so you’ll be able to quickly and cheaply ‘print’ your own perfect shoes at home. “This will revolutionize wardrobes,” she said. “It really is the future of fashion.”

It may sound unbelievable, but crude versions of this new technology are already available for around 600 pounds from certain online electronic shops, the Daily Mail reported. Like all hi-tech gadgetry, prices are expected to drop as the technology becomes more mainstream.

The technology though in its nascent stage is based on 3D printing which operates in a similar way to your inkjet printer, which prints ink in layers to form a image. Instead of ink, however, a 3D printer uses molten plastic to create a solid object.

Hundreds of fine, 0.1mm-thick layers are stuck on top of each other by the machine to produce the item. The printers themselves look like a cross between a microwave and a bread machine, and are about the same size.