Indus Alcoholic beverages purchase mandatory for all wholesalers and retailers

According to a local Newspaper the owners of local liquor stores in Pakistan are facing rather a huge problem regarding the sales of a particular alcoholic beverage.

As one brand which is quite popular sells easily i.e none other than Muree Beer, Even with a grimy locality of the city, salesman can’t keep up with the rush of customers clamoring for his interest.

Brown paper bags wrapped all around purchases, counters like cage, people slipping in and out – the rush increasing day by day and is on max during weekends. Everything going smooth untill a senator of the PPP, Hari Ram Kishorilal reportedly who owns Indus Distillery and Brewery, forces wine shops in sindh to stock products of Indus Distillery.

In conclusion, Sindh Excise and Taxation department has made it compulsory for all wholesalers and retailers to buy at least 20% of alcoholic beverages from Indus Distillery. This rule as been in effect since 2009.

Authorised dealers are allowed to sell brands of only three local breweries – Indus, Murree and Quetta distilleries. Every time a dealer buys liquor from one these companies, he is issued a transport permit by the excise department.

The permit states “for any quantity purchased from Murree or Quetta distilleries, 20 per cent will have to be bought from Indus.”

Talking to the local newspaper another retailer who also wanted his name to remain anonymous claimed “This is frustrating for us as customers don’t like Indus.”

“We are basically being used as sales agents for a company whose products don’t sell.”

In the market, Murree Brewery remains the favorite. It holds the largest market share of over 70 per cent, say dealers.

There is so much fear of the licenses being revoked that none of the liquor dealers were willing to speak on record. “Excise officials also express their helplessness. They talk of pressure from the highest office,” alleged one dealer.