Mubasher Lucman resigns via YouTube

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After the embarrassing footage leak of Dunya TV’s interview of Riaz Malik, which was conducted by Mubasher Lucman and Meher Bokhari, the former Dunya TV host has come out in an unexpected manner defending his actions by rationalizing the events of the leaked footage and announced his resignation from the TV channel.

Responding to all the questions he faced in social media, Mubasher Lucman in his YouTube video, started off by saying that he ‘owes it to his family and fans’ to give an explanation regarding the leaked footage incident and his name being mentioned in the list of 19 senior Pakistani journalist who were allegedly bribed by Riaz Malik.

He said that false allegations have been made against him and his channel. Showing clips of his past TV shows and interviews he tried to rationalize the incidents that occurred during the commercial breaks of Malik Riaz interview.

Defending the phone call of Abdul Qadir Gillani, he said that receiving a call or SMS during a live show is not something that is out of the normal in Media and journalism. He then went on to play video clips of his previous shows where he is seen ‘grilling’ Ali Musa Gilani, son of Yusuf Raza Gilani and brother of Abdul Qadir Gillani also known as the ‘media-spin-doctor’ of PPP.

He revealed how a planted interview is conducted and that his show was not a “Planted Interview” in fact, it was an investigative interview. Revealing his ‘rocky relationship’ with Meher Bokhari, he taunted that this was not the right mix of journalists to conduct a planted interview.  He said that him and Meher Bokhari -obviously- lacked the chemistry needed to conduct a planted interview, he said that both of them prepared separately for the interview and that every journalist in Pakistan wanted to be in his place.

He said that most guests try to pressure the host into asking questions that he or she wants to talk about. Blaming Dunya TV management for the off-air row between him and Meher Bokhari. Mubasher said that there was no angling in the interview, the only thing unfair about the interview was that he was told to do the interview with Meher Bokhari.

Mubasher Lucman raised allegations on the journalists who knew about Malik Riaz’s plans to go against the Cheif Justice’s son. He said that people who knew about this affair months ago have not been held accountable. He said that they should be asked “Why didn’t they inform the Chief Justice about what Malik Riaz has told them 5 months ago?”

Mubasher also presented himself and his next to kin for accountability in the Supreme Court.