Malik Riaz pre-planned interview; “behind the scenes” video leaked

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A two hour special Tv show was arranged by a private news channel on Wednesday at 9 pm, where hosts Mubasher Lucman and Meher Bukhari invited Bahria Town founder Malik Riaz for a question and answer session.

Today in a rather thrilling change of events, “behind the scene” videos of Dunya TV’s live show were leaked on YouTube.

The video titled, “Malik Riaz Planted Interview with Mehar Bukhari and Mubasher Lukman on Dunya TV” -can be seen at the end of this story- reveals shocking evidence and confessions proving that the interview was in fact planted and was arranged to promote a premeditated opinion.

In the leaked videos, it appears as if Malik Riaz was already aware of the questions he was supposed to be “grilled” with, by hosts Meher Bukhari and Mubasher Lucman.

Malik Riaz is seen and heard mentioning a couple of times to bring the question about him being part of every high level deal that goes on in this country. Meher Bukhari says that she isn’t interested in that topic, however later on after insisting again Malik is allowed to discuss that question.

At first break, Mubasher Lucman is seen arguing on the phone with someone who he later reveals as Abdul Qadir Gilani, while handing over the phone to Malik Riaz. He tells the person on the phone to tell Malik that he should allow him to ask questions about the “Villa” Malik Riaz gave to Hamid Mir as a gift.

By watching the show and leaked videos in sync; it is clear that almost all the questions are being discussed beforehand and then presented with fabricated intensity in the live show after the breaks.

In part 2 of the leaked footage, Mubasher Lucman and Meher Bokhari are seen arguing over who gets more time and questions; resulting in Lucman leaving the set in anger as Malik Riaz kept trying to call him back saying,  “It’s my life, my whole life is on the line here, come back Mubasher.”

Meher Bukhari is heard saying that people are messaging her that Lucman should stop hogging Malik’s time and let him speak.

A minor glitch on the hosts’ part occurred, when Mubasher Lucman entered the set amid live transmission saying, “You should say it on air that you pressurized me to do this program” -with a confused look on Malik’s face- Meher instantly goes on a break.

Malik says to Mubasher, “Relax! Relax! look how nicely the show is going on”

Finally, he settles down and goes on with the interview.

In part 2 – Malik makes a laughing comment on Mubasher Lucman saying that he shouldn’t have mentioned that he was pressurized for this show during live transmission.

Mubasher claims that he wasn’t aware that the show was “on-air” and that no one told him.

At 13 minutes and 37 seconds in part 2 of the video, Meher Bukhari is clearly heard telling Malik Riaz to go ahead with the topic without her having to ask the question, “otherwise it would look as if it was a planted question, which it is, but it should not appear so.”

Meher says to Malik, “Khud hi boldena, waisay hum kiya puchnay lagay. Aisa lagay ga ke planted hai… jo kay hai, but pata nahi lagna chahyie”

This latest revelation has created a state of shock and confusion among the common people, when a list of 19 senior journalists of Pakistan who are allegedly under Malik Riaz’s payroll surfaced on the internet. Mubasher Lucman and Meher Bokhari’s names are among the journalists in that list.

This leaked interview is sure to change the legal dynamics of Arsalan Iftikhar suo motu case. Everyday a new dramatic incident has complicated this scandal to un-imaginable extents. Only time will tell that how many more hidden secrets like this are yet to be revealed.

According to a news source, Mubasher Lucman has now been removed from his position at Dunya TV because of his “off-air comments”.

Malik Riaz Planted Interview with Mehar Bukhari and Mubasher Lukman on Dunya TV Part 1:

Malik Riaz Planted Interview with Mehar Bukhari and Mubasher Lukman on Dunya TV Part 2: