I will leave this profession if proven guilty of bribery: Kamran Khan

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After the leaked videos of Mubasher Lucman and Meher Bukhari’s live show with Malik Riaz became public via YouTube. A feeling of confusion and mistrust has taken over the country. It wasn’t just the leaked footage that manifested this political sandstorm which has forced every powerful and influential man or woman in Pakistan to sit duck and let it pass.

Breaking this newly formed pattern, one of the most senior journalist of Pakistan, Kamran Khan went live on TV last night and gave his point of view about the “MediaGate” scandal.

On his live TV show Aaj Kamran Khan Kay Saath, Kamran Khan denied the allegations that he has been paid by the real estate kingpin, Malik Riaz, who is the owner of Bahria Town Housing Scheme and accuser, in Arsalan Iftikhar graft case.

Kamran Khan kicked off by firstly suggesting that the people of Pakistan should calm down and grab this window of opportunity to hold everyone accountable once in for all.

He said, “Why not start with accountability of media first” followed by clipped recordings of the leaked footage of Meher-Lucman show.

He presented key parts of the leaked footage in his show where Meher and Lucman are clearly seen taking instructions from both PPP and PMLN “spin-doctors”, while repetitively trying to exceed each other in Malik Riaz’s good books.

After airing the footage Kamran Khan said that, “as media representative, our heads are held down in shame.”

With a smirk-like tone of voice Kamran Khan aired a key moment in the footage where Meher Bukhari refers to him and his colleague Hamid Mir by saying that she didn’t care  what the “Hamids and Kamrans” were getting (as bribe).

Kamran Khan then proposed Accountability of every institutions, claiming that a better opportunity will not come again.  He said that Media should be held accountable first and that he presents himself for accountability before anyone else.

He proposed that the time has come when Media, Lawyers, Politicians, Judges and Army Generals should be accountable for their actions. He went on to claim that he is willing to be the first media personality to submit his own financial records and even of people related or close to him.

He also mentioned that people will be gravely shocked if he revealed the names of journalists who claimed to fight against dictators, but at the same time were having the time of their life by going on foreign trips with the same dictators.

Kamran Khan went on to suggest a board of people who will judge and hold everyone accountable. He proposed the names of former Supreme Court judge, (retd) Justice Nasir Aslam Zahid, (retd) Justice Fakhruddin Ibrahim and former Foreign Minister Dr Mubashir Hassan.

Kamran Khan assured his fans and followers that he was innocent of the allegations brought against him and proclaimed that if every media personality was held accountable a very few would turn out to be “cleaner” than him. However he did not talk about or mention the list.

The list that features names of 19 most senior journalists of Pakistani News Television industry, also includes Kamran Khan’s name in it. Names of nineteen senior-journalists are in that list along with the alleged payments and “gifts” given to them supposedly in return for Media related favors by Bahria Town owner Malik Riaz.