Hamid Mir ready to present himself for accountability.

Renowned political talk show anchor Hamid Mir, in a private TV talk show on Friday, stated his connection with Malik Riaz was merely exaggerated as he had only met the business tycoon only twice. He further added that during both those meetings, Mir asked Malik Riaz to show him the documents regarding Arsalan Iftikhar’s case. “After witnessing the document, I was not convinced,” added Hamid Mir.

Talking about the bribery accusations and pointing towards another TV anchor, Mir added that he had been regularly targeted by a few journalists; even during the leaked interview.

“This is not the first time that I have been framed; I have been blamed to have received a villa from Malik Riaz. A couple of years earlier, I was blamed of owning a farm house near Islamabad. I have faced such baseless allegations in front of the concerned courts and have come out clean,” said the renowned TV anchor.

Talking about the fixed interview, Mir said it was a very serious issue in the form of a fixed interview to ridicule the judiciary.

Mir further stated that he would present himself for accountability whenever required. He stated that it was high time when each and every columnist, anchor and media owner should also come forward and present ‘themselves’ for proper accountability

Mir urged that a commission should be formed in order to investigate such matters. He also said that working journalists and media owners should come forward and present themselves for accountability via the Pakistan Federal Union of Journalist and APNS/PBA platform.

Hamid Mir is also one of the nineteen journalists named on the alleged bribery list.