34 crore is nothing compared to “real corruption” of Pakistan: Hassan Nisar

-File photo

Hassan Nisar says that SC has taken on too many powerful enemies and that they should have finished the job when they had the chance to. Speaking on a social media network site, Twitter, he said that “Let SC and CJ finally find all true criminals and sentence them accordingly. Let their be full accountability for all including all media.”

In a phone interview with Kamran Khan, he further went on to say that this corruption scandal of Rs 30-40 crore is just the tip of an iceberg. Calling it a mere trivial amount compared to the gigantic amounts of corruption that goes on in Pakistan “behind the curtains”.

He said that, “certain people in Lahore city, who have good relationships with politicians make Rs50-60 crore on yearly basis”. Hassan Nisar claimed that there are many sides to this one story and soon they will all be revealed.

Hassan Nisar is one of the 19 journalists accused of taking bribes from Malik Riaz.