“Riaz’s interview was a pre-set rehearsed interview” – Talat Hussain

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A Private TV channel anchor, Talat Hussain, came forward with his talk show on Friday while interpreting the leaked interview of Malik Riaz. He termed his talk show as one of the difficult most programs in his career. He said that the leaked interview seemed an attack on judiciary and it seemed ‘fishy’ right from the beginning.

Mr. Hussain critically scrutinized the off-line interview leaked on You Tube. He mentioned that it was really difficult to go over time in any particular show as time is similar to gold within the TV industry and Malik Riaz was allowed the extra time, indicating support by the management of the TV channel interviewing the business tycoon.

Talat said that the management of the private TV channel interviewing the business tycoon had severe influence over Riaz’s interview. Besides the management, as per Talat’s comments, Malik Riaz had strong authority within the entire interview and he was dictating the questions to be asked from him.

Talat termed the interview as a pre-set rehearsed interview stating that both the interviewer and the interviewee knew their questions and answers very well. He further stated that the entire off-line video illustrated as if the interview was a meeting between relatives within the guest room of a house with the only exception that questions and face expressions were intensified and changed as soon as the camera was turned on to make the show go live. Talat labeled the interview as fabricated stating that “if this interview was not fabricated and planted than there would be no interview in the world to be deemed as fabricated or planted.”

“This is not the professional way to interview a person who is defaming the judiciary of a country,” stated Talat.

Talking about the anchors of the show, Mubashar Lucman and Mehar Bukhari, Talat stated that the behavior did not seem appropriate. “No professional interview allows the guest to dictate the terms of an interview,” added Talat.

Talat in his TV show also pointed out towards two separate incidents within the leaked video whereby the association of Malik Riaz with the powerful families of Pakistan (Gilanis and the Sharifs) came as a major surprise for the people of the country.

Talat, while concluding his program, stated that he was hurt by the leaked interview as a journalist and further added that the credibility of both the judiciary and the journalists had been immensely dented by the leaked interview.

Earlier, a list of 19 journalists made a buzz within the social media and the local TV channels with respect to accusations of receiving money from Bahria town owner, Malik Riaz.