Twitter has spoken: #ShutupClinton

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After the American secretary of state, Hillary Clinton, hinted that Al-Qaeda leader, Amyn-al-Zawahiri might be hiding somewhere in Pakistan. Twitter, in an unexpected rage, was flooded with tweets opposing Hillary Clinton’s statements followed by the hashtag #ShutupClinton.

The trend reached number one in Pakistan and at the end of the day, many other countries including USA.

The American Secretary of state made these allegations during her visit to India, it is speculated that these statements are only made to please their ally India for the time being. According to some twitter users US wants to influence India’s relationship with Iran and persuade them to significantly cut their oil imports from Iran.

Others, however, defended her statements recalling the Osama Bin Laden incident and debating on Pakistan’s Intelligence failures.

All kinds of mixed emotions are being witnessed on Twitter for the past two days now.  Some saw the funny side of it, while others revealed some hardcore facts and realities.

Here are some of the top tweets on hashtag #ShutupClinton.

anjum kiani ‏ @AnjumKiani

What did this Mother & 2 Daugters do to the USA, that you killed them in their sleep with Your drones? #ShutUpClinton

Hamza Baloch ‏ @H_Balouch

#US shifting blame on #Pakistan, says Peshawar Corps Commander #ShutUpClinton

Shahid Ehsan Deher ‏ @ShahidDeher

Funny how 20 years ago these very same “terrorists” were “freedom fighters” in the eyes of the Americans. Hypocrites #ShutupClinton

Obaid Chawla ‏ @Ochawla

#ShutupClinton A woman who did not know Monica was in her bed knows Zawahiri is in #Pakistan.

Salman Javed

Provide proofs of #WMDs in #Iraq, 9-11 and May-2nd, have courage to speak truth and if you dont hve then #ShutupClinton

Dalia Ezzat ‏ @DaliaEzzat_

Check out #ShutUpClinton where Pakistani tweeps are reacting to Sec Clinton’s statement that Zawahiri is somewhere in #Pakistan.

Baagar Billi ‏ @mahobili

#ShutUpClinton because it probably is the finest hashtag ever produced.

Young Rebel ‏ @PTIrevolution

You treat us like enemies, not allies. #ShutUpClinton

anjum kiani ‏ @AnjumKiani

#ShutUpClinton . Your illegal wars were all for Oil!

#ShutupClinton remains top on twitter trends for the second day now.

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