Shocking video of mother beating her 8-month-old baby

A shocking video of a Malaysian woman beating her toddler baby, has emerged on social media sites provoking an outrage from people on Facebook, Twitter and Youtube.

The video is brutally disturbing and contains graphic material and could offend any one because of the depressing content of it.

In the video, a 19 year old woman is seen hitting her small, 8-month-old baby continuously, first with a pillow then resorting to slapping, kicking and pinching. As the baby cries and tries to reach its mother she keeps pushing it away by hitting kicking and slapping it in the face.

The person making the video who was a friend of the mother, claims that she recorded the evidence in order to lodge a complaint to the police.

According to sources, the battered baby has been moved to foster care, whereas the mother and the woman making the video have been sentenced to jail by the Malaysian police, for only 18 months. The fate of the baby is still unclear.