Shahrukh refuses to apologize to MCA officials

MUMBAI: King Khan has asked for an apology from the the officials of the Mumbai Cricket Association (MCA) following the Wankhede brawl on Wednesday night.

Talking to Reporters on Thursday, Shahrukh stated that the security officials misbehaved with his children; “something he cannot tolerate.”

Shahrukh further explained that not only was he verbally abused but his children were “physically manhandled in the name of security,” by the MCA officials. He also stated that he would not never visit the stadium if the awe less behavior continued.

Shahrukh demanded an apology for the misbehavior stating that the management’s attitude was really aggressive towards him.

Earlier, the MCA officials at the Wankhede stadium, claimed that the actor had misbehaved, manhandled the officials at the stadium and even used abusive language against a woman. The MCA have lodged a complaint with the police stating that the actor was drunk.  Shahrukh, while accepting action against the officials rejected the woman story, claiming that he would never do such a thing.

Shahrukh further added that the officials provoked him to take such an action and that he was not drunk at all. “I was being bullied. I was angry, but I was not drunk,” stated the super star.

While responding to the MCA statement of banning the superstar from entering the stadium, Shahrukh replied, “I would not like to go to a stadium where people behave so highhandedly.” “I took little children for the match and 40 grown-up people came charging aggressively at me,” he said. “I think my behavior is absolutely correct. I would still do the same thing if they misbehaved with my kids or kids that I am taking care of,” the actor added.

Shahrukh has been involved in quite a few controversies of late, with the latest being on April 8 whereby the actor was seen smoking publicly at the Sawai Man Singh stadium in Jaipur.