PML-N, PML-Q successful in Dera Ghazi Khan

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DERA GHAZI KHAN: The Election session held within sector PP-243 and PP-245 has concluded. PP-243 is reported to comprise 102 polling stations

According to unofficial reports for PP-243,

Hassamuddin Khosa of PML-N won the election. According to the unofficial reports, the PML-N candidate gathered 25,518 votes

The competing candidate, Imtiaz Laghari, an independent candidate was only able to grab 19,205 votes.

PP-245 is reported to have 122 polling stations

According to unofficial reports for PP-245, PML-Q’s Mohammad Khan Laghari gathered 24,584 votes and was deemed successful.

The competing candidates included Independent candidate Zeeshan Laghari and PML-N candidate Mir Mirza Talpur.

Zeeshan Laghari was able to collect 9,026 votes while PML-N candidate Mir Mirza Talpur was reported to gather 11,748 votes