Facebook to lift the ban on children below 13-years

According to sources, world’s largest social networking site “Facebook” has decided to Lift the ban on children who are below 13-years old, after finding that many kids some with their parents’ permission and help, were already using it.

Simon Milner, Facebook head of policy, mentioned in his statement that, “There is reputable evidence that there are kids under 13 who are lying about their age to get on to Facebook”. “Some seem to be doing it with their parents’ permission and help”, he added.

If the decision to lift the ban on children is implemented, many users are likely to join the social network, especially children. Last week it floated the stock market for $105 billion.

However, Milner said, the decision to allow children to create profiles was still at a very early stage.

Milner said, he will launch a debate about the minimum age in Britain when he appears next month at Wellington College, Berkshire.

He also said, “We have a strict under-13 rule because of legal issues in America”.

“We apply the same rule all over the world. But a lot of parents are happy their kids are on it. We would like to hear from people what the answer might be,” said Milner.