World Hemophilia Day today

ISLAMABAD: World hemophilia day will be observed on April 17th across the world including Pakistan to raise awareness about hemophilia and increase the availability of treatments for this condition around the world.

World Federation of Hemophilia was founded by Frank Schnabel, who born on April 17. To honor his birth, every year on April 17 is observed as world hemophilia day around the world.

World federation of hemophilia started observing and celebrating the day in 1989.

World federation of hemophilia (WFH) was established by Frank Schnabel to improve the lives of people with hemophilia with dedication. It educates people affected by the disorder to improve their health and it is true that about 75 percent of the people with this disorder do not receive adequate  treatment around the world.

An estimated 1 in 1000 women and men has a bleeding disorder.However, 75% still receive very inadequate treatment or no treatment at all.

The reality is that most people with hemophilia or other bleeding disorders do not receive adequate diagnosis, treatment, and management for their conditions. This is important whether good treatment is already established but needs to be protected or where treatment needs to be improved.

Hemophilia is a condition in which bleeding is prolonged. Hemophilia is a condition present from birth and is normally inherited; you can’t ‘catch’ hemophilia or pass it onto others.

In some rare instances, hemophilia may develop later in life (typically affecting people in the 50+ age group). The incidence of hemophilia is quite low.

Statistics on the incidence of hemophilia vary however, its estimated that in the United States 1 in every 5,000 -10,000 people are born with it.

The slogan for World Hemophilia Day is ‘Close The Gap’, which reflects the difference in treatments available to people living in different parts of the world. APP