Within Excuses, Crashes and Common sense, who are you fooling?

I have been travelling very frequently by air in Karachi and as we speak, I would like to extend my thoughts and questions on the tragedy or the accident that happened last night. I am writing this to get to the possible excuses that I have been coming across dissecting some of the social media websites, twitteratis and bloggers.

I have come across a few keywords which includes CAA , ILS , CAT 1 , CAT 3 , Aircraft assurance and many of the likes while trying to figure out what is it that really or possibly could have happened to the people on board and off board connected to the chain of events from yesterday till today.

Now as we speak, I would like to keep the emotions away for a bit and try to focus on the scene itself.

As a traveler , whenever we take an airline and we chose an airline , if we are to pay from our own funds , we would possibly chose an airline which is comparatively priced at some what a medium range . May be because of quality or may be security or may be punctuality of flights and air craft dependability which is one of the reasons behind chosing the brand we may chose.

If we are funded by our organization, we tend to, if we have a choice, chose the best ones possible.

One of the very frequent destinations Pakistan choses to travel is UAE. Now airlines, both local and international are opted due to their pricing but their quality is ensured for e.g. If I were to travel from terminal 2 of Dubai airport to Karachi, I may chose a local airline which might be late in arrival and may be in not such satisfactory conditions and service handling but it is assured that there would be safe landing and arrival to the destination with often proper boarded luggage and belongings.

Now this similar airline flies within Pakistan and faces an accident near Islamabad and major lives are lost.

And I wonder. Same brand, same vision but different levels of responsibility? So is it that we in Pakistan suffer from a case of over confidence on a national basis? Or is it that we think that we can work with absolutely anything that’s available because we are one of the smartest nations on the geographical landscape that we have been awarded?

And if I am getting the excuses right, there is no problem with CAA, as the government puts it. They are not responsible for quality assurance on ground. And the airlines are also very responsible as they function fine outside the boundary of this country. So then who’s to blame? The travelers? Their choice for opting for a low cost or more economical service which may try taking them where they want to go but no assurance if that would be dead or alive?

Is Pakistan, one of the countries with the most expensive air travel budgets, is lacking on common sense while chosing the fares? So again, is the blame on people who deserved to die because they lacked heavy pockets and resources while making travel decisions?

Or is it that we are one of the countries with super humans ruling us over ,smarter than rest of the world but on a secret mission to change the world and never take responsibility because we have hired aliens to do so?

My question is, who are you fooling?