Will provide court with evidence against Nawaz Sharif, says Rehman Malik

Interior Minister, Rehman Malik said that he will go to the courts carrying solid evidence against Nawaz Sharif, unlike Saif-urRehman, who just made allegations and accusations, Aaj News reported.

He said, “Those who call me a liar, are masters at lying and being untruthful to people.”

Speaking to a press conference in Islamabad, the interior minister said that if Sharif brothers are innocent, they should come forward and reply to my allegations.

“I will personally go to the court against PML-N and present evidence against Nawaz Sharif”, he added.

In an accusing tone he made remarks that the Sharif brothers are answerable to the people, and to the banks from which they looted so much money over the years.

“Even outside the country, the Sharif brothers remained in contact with leaders of various intelligence agencies.”

He said, “Nawaz Shairf is being lead towards a closed alley, by his own kinship”

Speaking about Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf, he said, that we have no reservations against the PTI, but empty threats of a long march will not intimidate the Pakistan Peoples Party.