Truce in Syria trembles following intense shelling

The cease-fire in Syria, implemented two days ago, was seriously rattled when the regimental forces supporting Bashar Assad bombarded the city of Homs on Saturday.

The United Security Council is timidly planning to vote on a Western-Arab draft resolution. This resolution, if approved by Russia (Bashar Assad’s main ally) within the Security Council, would request an access to 30 unarmed military officials who would monitor the fragile truce within the region and would consider further steps if Syria does not comply with the cease-fire.

Karm Abu Rabea, a nearby resident stated that the shelling started last night and continued till Saturday early morning. As per the reports of the some Human rights organization and other activists, several individuals got injured as a result of the shelling.

The Syrian government has been strong enough to hold journalist within the area, making it impossible to independently verify the reports.

Following the truce, implemented on Friday, several protesters took the streets thinking that the truce would support them and put and end to the violence. But Syrian forces loyal to Assad, came out in different cities in order to prevent the protests immediately after the Friday prayers.

SANA, a Syrian news agency, reported that “armed terrorists” killed six people on Friday, including army Major Musa al-Yousef in the central city of Hama, who was killed when “terrorists opened fire on a car Yousef was driving to his (army) unit.”

The news agency further reported that bombs were detonated in two areas of Syria’s second city of Aleppo on Friday and a member of the security forces was killed in Damascus.

As per United Nation’s estimate, 9,000 individuals have been killed since the revolutionary movement against Assad’s regime has begun. Authorities blame the violence on foreign-backed militants who they say have killed more than 2,500 soldiers and police.