The Seed of Animosity

The president of Pakistan is supreme commander of Pakistan and is ultimate sign of unity in state.

He is the president of all provinces and federal administer areas which comes within the territory of Pakistan. However, fortunately or unfortunately, the office bearer of this respectable post is also a co-chairman of the ruling political party, hence, is unable to play an independent and unbiased role and also failed to represent the people of Pakistan impartially & neutrally. The impact of omission and commission from presidency office is seeding a disastrous disease which is going deep into the hearts, mind and blood of the nation.

Mr President was in Multan, Punjab and a few days ago he announced and advised PM to carry on consultation for the formation of Seraiki Province and has also declared for formulation of Seraiki Bank. These steps are taken to strengthen the PPP in the area and to grasp the vote on the name of Seraiki Province and also to reduce the power of other political parties in the Punjab Province. These actions can be defined and categorized as “Political Stunt”.

There are serious doubts about the intention and sincerity of President and PM in relation to such kind of partition of existing provinces in to more provinces, Because, at the time of 18th amendment when the name of NWFP was changed the people of Hazara and other stake holders in NWFP which is now KPK, strongly opposed the change of name as the new name was on based on selected ethnic origin language and is discriminatory and no formal referendum was conducted. The government of KPK managed to get it changed by adopting policy of use of force i.e. shoot to kill and coalition for give and take, which is now famously known as “Easy Load”.

On 12 April 2010, in peace loving city of Abbottabad, around 14 young innocent protesters were brutally killed by Police and more than 180 got injured with firearms wounds and most of them were on upper & vital parts of the body. The police was especially brought from other cities of Ex-NWFP and deployed by government official with instructions to curb the protest on any cost which resulted in massacre of protestors. Its more than two years of the catastrophic tragedy and the FIR of that annihilation incident is not logged, despite unprecedented demands and protest, failure of government in logging the FIR has added insult to injury. On the other hand President and Prime Minister never bothered to visit the vicinity to share the sorrow and grieve of victim’s family. The role of elected representative of Hazara is also disappointing who ditched their own people.

These protesters were unarmed and were peacefully protesting and were demanding a referendum against the change of name which was crafted on the ethnic basis. In result of that violence and viciousness the voice for Hazara Province emerged with blustering force. The demand of Hazara Province is not new, Hazara Qaumi Mahaz was founded few decades back and late Mr Asif Malik Advocate was voicing for the Hazara province and HQM is still running the show and has threaten to start civil obedience movement if their voice is not listened.

Tehreek-e- Suba Hazara is also rigorously voicing and is demanding Hazara province on any cost. Baba Haider Zaman is leading that Tehreek and has addressed a huge gathering in Karachi who supported Suba Hazara. Similarly Tehreek Haqooq-e-Hazara is also active for the formation of Hazara Provicne and has conducted a huge protest in front of parliament house Islamabad and is vehemently demanding Suba Hazara.

On April 12, 2012, in second Barsi of Shoada-e-Hazara a tribute was paid to martyr and protests continued for demands of  Suba Hazara and justice for the individuals who were murdered and for people who got injured.The cold blooded murder of innocent fourteen precious martyrs, injuries of over 180 people, continued blockage of Silk route connecting to Karakorum High way, unrelenting protests and demands of Hazara Province were ignored by the government, President, Prime Minister and others stake holders in the manners of deaf and dumb.  In this situation the President love for Seraiki Province and avoidance from Hazara Provice indicates shrewdness and selfishness which doesn’t suit to the office of President. The government rough policies and the avoidance of people of Hazara can give birth to an uncatchable monster? Which can result in political instability and turmoil.

The government and other stake holders should address these issues rationally and upon ground realities. The urgent steps may be taken to avoid more confrontations and demands for provinces on the basis of ethnic origin as already few voices can be heard in Baluchistan, Punjab and Sindh.