Tariq Azeem to be a part of PML (N)

LAHORE: Former Senator, Tariq Azeem is strongly considered to join Pakistan Muslim League (N). This news emerged late on Tuesday with further expectations that it would be formally announced on Thursday, when Nawaz Sharif would host a joint press conference in Raiwind.

PML (N) sources have stated that the former Senator’s undoubted sincerity and services led to his inclusion to the Nawaz Sharif-led party.

Sources, while elaborating the services of Mr. Azeem, stated that the former Senator’s brother, Shujaat Azeem, was a pilot for former Lebanesse Prime Minister Rafiq Hariri and it was because of him that the Sharif brothers were able to draft a deal with the Arab Leaders which resulted in a 10 year asylum for the Sharif family in Saudi Arabia. The assassinated Lebanese Prime Minister, Rafiq Hariri, was brother-in-law to the Saudi King Abdullah.

Sources further revealed that Shujaat Azeem had a strong connection with Mansoor Ijaz and it was Tariq Azeem who managed the calls between Nawaz Sharif and Mansoor Ijaz.

Sources stated that besides many other things, Tariq Azeem and Mansoor Ijaz played an important role in convincing Nawaz Sharif to file a petition in the Supreme Court.

Tariq Azeem, along with his separate group of 5 Senators, had supported PML (N) on almost every agenda and such commitment led Nawaz Sharif to strongly favor the former Senator’s inclusion within his party.