Syria: Peace restored post UN cease-fire deadline

Attacks within Syria saw a halt on Thursday as the flimsy cease-fire, anchored by US, gripped the country. Although the regime forces have stopped the attack on the opposition, they are still defying the demands of International envoy, Kofi Annan, to withdraw their troops back to the barracks.

If the cease-fire continues, it would see a start to a new peaceful era since Bashar Asad’s establishment started an atrocious operation,13 months ago, against the protesters demanding his exit. Calm protests were carried out on Friday in order to test the regime’s commitment to the treaty

There is a strong belief that the government may break the treaty owing to precedents witnessed whereby Assad broke his promises. Besides this hunch, the government on Wednesday also indicated that it holds the right to answer any aggression.

Annan’s plan is to carry on with the truce and convert the current leadership within the country. This plan is also supported by Russia, China and Iran (Bashar Assad’s main allies) because of the fact that the country is moving towards a rebellion.

The West and its supporters are of the view that this truce may not hold long enough. This is because the establishment would revoke it at anytime fearing that the protesters may increase during the cease-fire and the government would take strict action against them as before. As per the reports of the UN, 9,000 people have died during the brutal operation carried down by the government.

Western powers have pinned their hopes on Annan’s plan, in part because they are running out of options. The U.N. has ruled out any military intervention of the type that helped bring down Libya’s Moammar Gadhafi, and several rounds of sanctions and other attempts to isolate Assad have done little to stop the bloodshed.